These are FABULOUS. I love to listen to music and I wanted some headphones without a wire so that I could do my housework with out pulling the headphones out of my ears, I also wanted comfort and a good quality sound this is very important to me. They come with an auxiliary cable and charger lead (but no adapter).
Check list
1. Comfort – YES
2. Sound quality – Excellent
3. Battery life – Excellent
4. Phone talk quality – Great
5. Ease of Use – excellent

I have had these a few days now and I have used them continuously, they are extremely comfortable to wear – very light and the padding on the ear piece is very comfortable, the sound quality is exceptional ( I am very picky to sound quality) very clear and the battery life lasts for hours – I have used them for 4 hours continuously so far but then I recharged them overnight as I did not want them to run out on me while using them, I will edit my review once I have tried to see how long the battery does last.

The controls are very easy to use and you find them on the right hand side ear piece situated at the back. The first button in the sequence from top to bottom is :
1. On/Pause/Play
2. Volume down (by long press) / Song to go back to start one click or to go back to the last song double click
3. Volume up (long press, it tweets when it gets to full volume) / Song forward
4. FM radio/ MP3 player which is from the Micro SD Card slot that you will find below the buttons.
5. Phone call answer.

You can connect these headphones very easily through blue tooth by pressing the top button and it says power on – blue tooth wireless is ready to pair, have the phone/ iPod etc on to blue tooth search and then these show up as S580, click on this and then they pair . The next time you use them – they automatically pair to your device.

You can also connect them to your device by the auxiliary cable that comes with them.

Using the SD card slot is very simple too, just put your card in, select the MP3 player and use the controls as normal.

To use the FM radio press the FM radio button, then use the song forward/back buttons to tune it in.

These would be a great buy for any one, they sound fabulous, easy to use, multi functions and comfortable and the battery lasts. I would definitely recommend these as I can not fault them in any way.