I LOVE IT, I love to add fragrances to my rooms and this is awesome. This is the Seneo Aroma Diffuser Elegant Vase Design, Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser, Essential Aromatherapy with 15 Light Modes, 2 Mist Modes, I use it in my living room but it would be great in a bed room as a night light and you could add lavender to help you sleep or to be honest it can be used anywhere that has a power socket and it wont look out of place. This is very stylish and has the benefits of not only being a diffuser but it is also a vase that will hold 2 -3 small flowers to give it that bit extra – not that it needs it. It has 15 modes of lighting – there are 7 colours and you can choose to either have it dim or brighter this you choose by pressing the light button until you come to your desired colour or brightness or when you turn it on just leave it on the first setting and it goes through all sequence.

The base of this is a white plastic and the top is a smokey see through black with a silver trim. Its size is roughly 28.5 cm x 12 cm

It has 2 mist modes – the first press on the mist button is a lesser vapour which is shown by the green indicator light, the second press gives you more vapour and the indicator light is red. I have tried it on both modes and they are both exceptional.

To use you take the top off by twisting the lid, then add water to the maximum line that is shown on the side of the tank and add your essential oil, then put the lid back and and turn till its in place. Switch on to the desired mode and ENJOY. It is very quiet but I like it when the room is quiet as you can hear the water plopping ever so slightly and you can also see the water bubbling up the water vapour tube too, all in all I find this very relaxing.

I like this a lot because I always suffer with drier skin in the winter months because of the central heating but this helps to put moisture back in the air, but do not worry it does not make it damp anywhere. So my first impression of the product was that it looked awesome and now I have been using it – it is still AWESOME. This would make a fabulous gift for anyone.

Here is the Amazon UK buy link to check it out:   http://amzn.to/2fQUYoX