This review is from: Magnetic Car Phone Holder | Infernal Innovations® | iPhone Car Mount | FREE GIFT 75MM Adhesive Disk | Dashboard Windshield Cradle | Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 S3, Note 4 3, iPhone 6 & Plus 5S 5C 4S, Nexus 6p 6 5, HTC One (Wireless Phone Accessory)

This arrives boxed and comes with 2 magnets – one with 3m sticky pad and one without, it also comes with a round sticky pad that attaches to where you need it and the main holder then sticks to that. The head swivels and rotates so that you can get it in a position that is best for your viewing.

I bought this not for using with my phone but for holding my Kindle so that I could read it at a comfortable position while sat in my car while on the school run etc. Conclusion – ITS GREAT, I place the holder on my window WITH the plastic still attached so that I can take it on and off when I am not using it. I placed one of the magnets in my kindle case so that it could magnetically hold but beware the magnet sent my kindle funny so I took it out (restarted the kindle, it was fine) and stuck one of the magnets to the back of the case with duct tape to try it out and its works BRILLIANTLY – holds it in position without moving even when touching the screen to turn the pages. It does also hold my phone in position without moving too – even over the bumps and round bends.

I showed it my husband and he now wants it for his car so that he can use it for watching films on his tablet, just so you know my husband is hard to please so him wanting it gives it a MOST DEFINITE thumbs up.

I have attached a few pictures for you to see how great it is.