Have you taken a look at Carole Parkes and Doug Lafuze’s Cover reveal yet?

Author -Carole Parkes

Soon to be released, ‘Your Last Breath’.

A Thriller/Suspense story laced with romance, for the over 18’s.

Your Last Breath Cover

Things happen in life we can’t control. No matter how hard we try, how well we plan, or how careful we are to make our lives go the way we want, things go wrong. It’s inevitable it seems. The unforeseen problems you can’t control are aggravating. When it’s something you should have seen coming or something you did see but failed to act on, it’s beyond maddening.

It’s like that for Raymond Lang. Despite other people’s perception of him, he never set out to be a serial killer. He dreams of being an author, of writing a thriller full of suspense. He’s tried, many times, to write about the gruesome murders he visualizes so clearly in his mind but, somehow, when it comes to writing it down, the sharp images fade. It’s like viewing the…

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