Author -Carole Parkes


When designing a cover for your book, how do you decide which font and what text colour and size you’re going to use? Where should I place my text? What colours should I use in my image? I’m in the middle of this process and still learning.

So far I’ve created hundreds of different combinations for this cover and still can’t decide which to use. I’ve narrowed the choice down to eight and sincerely hope some of my followers can help me choose. Sorry I can’t make the images small so you can view them all together.

The cover is for a murder/suspense novel. I really need your input on these. Maybe none of them are suitable like the previous one I posted. I deliberately made the text bright so it would show up in thumbnail size.

Left Blue Eye 306

Left Blue Eye 313

Left Blue Eye 345Left Blue Eye 311

Left Blue Eye 314Left Blue Eye 313Left Blue Eye 346Left Blue Eye 318

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