I love Roxanne St Claire’s Barefoot Bay and could not wait for this, the first book in the new series to be released and I can honestly say I was not disappointed and it was well worth the wait. Once again you are kept turning the pages as you are drawn into the story.

Gabe Rossi has started a new business protecting people the witness protection can not help, he helps these people fall off the radar for a while, whilst whoever is threatening them can be found. He has the help of his grandpa Nino, who is a very lovable old man, who needs to be needed and Poppy the head cleaner – who sees and hears everything.

Gabe’s first clients are Kate Kingston, who’s father is a judge and he is receiving threats about his daughter and Alec Petrov, a man who is wanted by the mob, so needs a new identity.

Kate is now a very strong willed woman, after coming out of a bad divorce from a controlling ex husband she just wants to come to the island to be alone and study for her Bar exam, she knows someone is threatening her but not the extent of the threats so when she arrives at her villa and finds Alec there- her bodyguard, she is very unhappy and does not want to stay, certain things are explained to her that she is Alec’s cover as well and she agrees to the arrangement.

Gabe’s rules are that they are not allowed to tell each other anything personal about each other, they even don’t know each others real names, on the island they are Ben and Tilly Carlson – newlyweds on their honeymoon, because knowing certain information can put them in danger. But Kate is not very good at following rules and seeing as she is learning to be a lawyer she interrogates Alec and he ends up letting his first name slip –  now she knows how to get the info she wants to know.

Alec is a mixed martial arts trainer who’s soul is battered and bruised, and even though he is attracted to Kate he feels not worthy of her, so he is unable to hold eye contact with Kate for long as he thinks all she sees is a beast. Kate thinks Alec is beautiful and she is hurt that he can not look at her so the misunderstandings that happen because of this just makes it great to watch these two characters fight their attraction and fall in love.

I loved everything about this story, the setting, the characters, and the background stories. The interaction between Nino and Poppy made me laugh, as they are both strong characters and the twist in the story line kept me hooked till the end. Congrats Roxanne St Claire on another page turning, must read.

I would recommend before reading this book that you read Barefoot Bound, which is the prequel to Barefoot with a Bodyguard, in this you learn how Gabe ends up in Barefoot Bay and his new operation.

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Roxanne St. Claire is a bestselling author of nearly thirty novels of romance and suspense. A six-time nominee and one time winner of the prestigious RITA Award for outstanding romantic fiction, her books have also won the National Reader’s Choice Award for best romantic suspense for two consecutive years, as well as the Daphne du Maurier Award, the HOLT Medallion, the Maggie, Booksellers Best, Book Buyers Best, five Awards of Excellence, the Aspen Gold and many others

Prior to launching a full time career as a novelist in 2003, Roxanne spent most of her professional life as a marketing executive and public relations consultant. She is a graduate of UCLA, an active member of several national writing organizations, and a lecturer on a wide range of writing-related topics. She lives in Satellite Beach, Florida with her husband and their two teenagers, and if you know her, you call her Rocki.

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