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Cowboy 12 Pack: Twelve-Novel Boxed Set

by USA Today, NYT and Amazon Bestselling Authors:

Cynthia D’Alba, Paige Tyler, Elle James, Donna Michaels, Shoshanna Evers, Randi Alexander, Cora Seton, Beth Williamson, Sabrina York, Sable Hunter, Lexi Post, Becky McGraw


This collection of cowboy books is most definitely worth more than the 99c that it is, if you were to purchase one of these books it would cost you that alone. I thought these were going to be very short stories but surprisingly they are not and you get involved with the characters and their story, Some of the books I did not want to put down and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip these books took me on.  Well done to all the authors involved.


This story is about a surprise holiday for two people Brock – who did not want to go and Natalie – who is looking forward to it. Natalie sees Brock at the airport and thinks he is hot and hopes that he is going to the same destination as her. This is a lovely story of love its a great read.


This is about Sadie and Jake. Sadie inherits her parents ranch but some one is sabotaging the ranch trying to make her leave, she knows who it is but can not get any help from the authorities and her employees are of the older generation and can not help, so she has to hire a new guy who will not be frightened off by the saboteur. This guy is Jake and the story heats up from there.


This story is one of my favourites in this collection, billionaires find it hard to find true love due to the gold diggers out there so one of the billionaires has a friend who is starting a dating agency and they his friend Cooper is the first to try it out. Emma is Leslie’s  friend  and she asks Emma to let her set her up with a date and lets her puts her into the computers system and she gets paired up with Cooper. Neither of these two want a relationship but they do it to help out, and Cooper realises that Emma is his perfect woman and sets his sights on winning her. Fabulous story. I will be checking out more by Elle James after reading this.


This too is another of my top favourites in this book collection. This is about Kade and Brandi, Kade is  a cowboy, sheriff and guardsman, Brandi has grown up and dated guardsmen and after a bad experience tries to stay clear of them romantically now. However, the pull she feels towards Kade is strong and she fights it. Kade has had a bad experience himself and feels he can not be responsible to protect another person so even though he is attracted to Brandi he too, tries to stay clear. This story is full of ups and downs but I loved it so much I have already bought the next in the series.

I AM NOT YOUR MELODY – Shoshanna Evers

This is about a run down bar, Big Bad Bill and Allie.  Allie buys half a bar thinking that all that is needing it a bit of TLC, she arrives 2 weeks early to find the bar run down and nowhere to live. The other owner Big Bad Bill then has to let her live with him till the apartment above the bar is habitable.  This is where the fun starts.


Chase is a country music singer who is chosen for a part in Reno’s screen play. Chase and Reno have been attracted to each other from the start and a friendship evolves  as  Chase wanted Reno to know him before they take it a step further. Reno knows that as the filming is coming to an end that Chase wants to take their relationship further but has managed to avoid all his advances till now. Their are misunderstandings and love in this great book.


This is about a bet that Jamie can prove to Claire that he is the man for her in 6 weeks. Now the challenge is on, this was fast paced and a great read. Jamie and Claire grew up together and because of a practical joke Claire thinks Jamie is messing with her again. There are rules of no touching or flirting which Jamie will find hard as this is in his nature. I loved this book and will be checking out more by Cora Seton.

THE HARDER THEY FALL – Beth Williamson

This is about Hank a cowboy and TJ the owner of the rodeo.  Hank is disqualified from an event and he needs it lifting so that he can enter the event, so he goes to see the rodeo owner to see how to get it lifted only to find the owner a woman, so he decides to seduce her to get the ban lifted however Hank did not expect to fall in love with TJ and TJ does not believe that he is truly interested in her she knows he wants his ban lifting and she thinks this is why he is interested in her. Throw in the rumour going around, that the rodeo circuit is investigating her for lifting disqualifications for sexual favours. TJ now has the choice lose Hank or lose the Rodeo.

THE REAL MCCOY – Sabrina York

This is about a girls weekend at a rowdy stud ranch, dominant cowboy, strippers and fun.  Ford receives a message from Cody and rushes over to to his neighbours ‘Stud’ ranch to see what the emergency is, on his arrival he is accosted by Crystal who is beautiful city girl and treats him like he is the last man on earth. He is a gentleman and puts Crystal to bed, then he finds out his sister is at the ranch as loses it so when he is asked does he want to help out that weekend and he agrees so that he can keep his eye on his sister and hopefully see the city girl again.  Crystal does not know if Ford is a real cowboy or not and she is shocked to find out who he really his. This is full of attraction and I loved this book- another one of my favourites in this set of books.

BADASS – Sable Hunter

This is the first book I have read by this author and loved it. This is about Isaac and Avery.  Isaac is a dom but he does a lot for charities that people do not know about they just think he is a Badass,  and he has wanted Avery for a long time but he does not let her know because she is a preachers daughter.  Avery  knows about Isaac’s good side and has loved him forever so she takes herself off to a brothel to find out how to please her man in order to win him. Great read.


This is about a cowboy, a nudist resort and the owner.  Wade has got a  job as stable manager at Kendra’s soon to be opening nudist resort, Kendra is a former professional poker player and she is opening Poker Flat but it is being sabotaged even before it is opened and wade is going to find out why the other employees leave. Both Kendra and Wade have no intentions of taking their clothes off. Kendra is hard working and Wade gets sidetracked by her. This story is full of conflicts and concerns for the business but thoroughly enjoyable read.


Jase is a struggling country music singer who is trying to make money any way he can to help him make it big and also to help his family because his mother is ill and he want to do the best he can for her. On one of his jobs he is sent to sing a breakup singing telegram to Leigh a music executive on Valentines day. Jase and Leigh both have trust issues but they learn together that you can trust again.


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If you love sexy cowboy romance books, get ready for a 12-pack of ’em from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors!

A COWBOY’S SEDUCTION – Award-Winning Author Cynthia D’Alba – Sparks fly when an exhausted cowboy, on a forced tropical vacation, meets an uptight accountant in a bikini. As the seduction game begins, two weeks never looked so short.

SADIE AND HER COWBOY – USA Today Bestselling Author Paige Tyler – A beautiful ranch owner hires an infamous gunslinger to protect her against a ruthless cattle baron, but risks losing everything when she falls for the sexy hired gun

THE BILLIONAIRE HUSBAND TEST – NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Elle James – Skeptical billionaire takes a risk on a friend’s dating service and finds the cowgirl of his dreams, only he has to convince her he’s her perfect match.

HER UNIFORM COWBOY – Donna Michaels – Texas Guardsman never planned his attraction to a curvy, military-hating Pennsylvanian, or saddling her with his stress issues. Will the town’s newest resident support him, or abandon him like others in his past?

I AM NOT YOUR MELODY – NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Shoshanna Evers – The baddest cowboy in Bear Creek Saddle partners with a sassy new bartender to save the family business. His rules: Don’t kill her. Don’t kiss her. And don’t fall in love.

CHASE AND SEDUCTION – USA Today Bestselling Author Randi Alexander – Country music superstar Chase Tanner is determined to seduce screenplay writer Reno Linden. She risks the plunge into Chase’s arms, but will their attraction survive the glitz and stress of fame?

THE COWBOY WINS A BRIDE – NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Cora Seton –Jamie Lassiter just made the bet of his life—He’s got six weeks to prove to Claire Cruz he’s the man for her, or pay for her round-the-world trip.

THE HARDER THEY FALL – Beth Williamson – Cowboy Hank Beltane has no idea what’s in store for him when he tries to seduce the stubborn, beautiful and sexy as hell rodeo owner TJ Maguire.

THE REAL MCCOY – NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Sabrina York – At a wild, girls-only weekend at a rowdy “stud” ranch, she meets the gruff, dominant man of her dreams. It’s too bad the sexy stripper is only a pretend cowboy…or is he?

BADASS – Amazon Bestselling Author Sable Hunter – Isaac McCoy – Badass Isaac McCoy, as at home on a Harley as he is on a horse, is in love with the preacher’s daughter— the angel of Kerr County—and that will never do.

COWBOYS NEVER FOLD – Award-Winning Author Lexi Post – When a cowboy honors a promise by working at a nudist resort, he discovers that to win the sexy owner’s heart he must go all-in, which could mean baring more than his soul.

CUPID’S COWBOY – Amazon Bestselling Author Becky McGraw – Struggling country singer is struck by cupid’s arrow when delivering a breakup singing telegram on Valentine’s Day to a beautiful music exec who could make all his dreams come true.

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