Author’s Dilemma

Author -Carole Parkes

Author’s Dilemma


In Appreciation of My Blogging Friends

Oh! What am I doing? I swore I never would
Broadcast my whole life in sight of every hood.
“You’ll be taking a risk,” So everybody said.
“They’ll know about you,” They’re filling me with dread.
“But I have to do this,” I answered in alarm.
“To promote my book I’ll need lots of charm.”
‘Tissue of Lies’, suspense thriller I created.
If I don’t act now it will be outdated.
Creating my blog page I made it so unique.
Not entirely true, just a bit of my cheek.
In truth, I didn’t know what topic I should write,
But I gave it my best, crossed fingers really tight.
What I didn’t expect was the sterling support
My fellow bloggers gave me with each effort.
They make blogging a joy and much more; a pleasure;
Likes, comments, reblogs I…

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REVIEW Fetta Bluetooth Headphones

These are FABULOUS. I love to listen to music and I wanted some headphones without a wire so that I could do my housework with out pulling the headphones out of my ears, I also wanted comfort and a good quality sound this is very important to me. They come with an auxiliary cable and charger lead (but no adapter).
Check list
1. Comfort – YES
2. Sound quality – Excellent
3. Battery life – Excellent
4. Phone talk quality – Great
5. Ease of Use – excellent

I have had these a few days now and I have used them continuously, they are extremely comfortable to wear – very light and the padding on the ear piece is very comfortable, the sound quality is exceptional ( I am very picky to sound quality) very clear and the battery life lasts for hours – I have used them for 4 hours continuously so far but then I recharged them overnight as I did not want them to run out on me while using them, I will edit my review once I have tried to see how long the battery does last.

The controls are very easy to use and you find them on the right hand side ear piece situated at the back. The first button in the sequence from top to bottom is :
1. On/Pause/Play
2. Volume down (by long press) / Song to go back to start one click or to go back to the last song double click
3. Volume up (long press, it tweets when it gets to full volume) / Song forward
4. FM radio/ MP3 player which is from the Micro SD Card slot that you will find below the buttons.
5. Phone call answer.

You can connect these headphones very easily through blue tooth by pressing the top button and it says power on – blue tooth wireless is ready to pair, have the phone/ iPod etc on to blue tooth search and then these show up as S580, click on this and then they pair . The next time you use them – they automatically pair to your device.

You can also connect them to your device by the auxiliary cable that comes with them.

Using the SD card slot is very simple too, just put your card in, select the MP3 player and use the controls as normal.

To use the FM radio press the FM radio button, then use the song forward/back buttons to tune it in.

These would be a great buy for any one, they sound fabulous, easy to use, multi functions and comfortable and the battery lasts. I would definitely recommend these as I can not fault them in any way.


REVIEW : Seneo Aroma Diffuser Elegant Vase Design, Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser, Essential Aromatherapy with 15 Light Modes, 2 Mist Modes


I LOVE IT, I love to add fragrances to my rooms and this is awesome. This is the Seneo Aroma Diffuser Elegant Vase Design, Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser, Essential Aromatherapy with 15 Light Modes, 2 Mist Modes, I use it in my living room but it would be great in a bed room as a night light and you could add lavender to help you sleep or to be honest it can be used anywhere that has a power socket and it wont look out of place. This is very stylish and has the benefits of not only being a diffuser but it is also a vase that will hold 2 -3 small flowers to give it that bit extra – not that it needs it. It has 15 modes of lighting – there are 7 colours and you can choose to either have it dim or brighter this you choose by pressing the light button until you come to your desired colour or brightness or when you turn it on just leave it on the first setting and it goes through all sequence.

The base of this is a white plastic and the top is a smokey see through black with a silver trim. Its size is roughly 28.5 cm x 12 cm

It has 2 mist modes – the first press on the mist button is a lesser vapour which is shown by the green indicator light, the second press gives you more vapour and the indicator light is red. I have tried it on both modes and they are both exceptional.

To use you take the top off by twisting the lid, then add water to the maximum line that is shown on the side of the tank and add your essential oil, then put the lid back and and turn till its in place. Switch on to the desired mode and ENJOY. It is very quiet but I like it when the room is quiet as you can hear the water plopping ever so slightly and you can also see the water bubbling up the water vapour tube too, all in all I find this very relaxing.

I like this a lot because I always suffer with drier skin in the winter months because of the central heating but this helps to put moisture back in the air, but do not worry it does not make it damp anywhere. So my first impression of the product was that it looked awesome and now I have been using it – it is still AWESOME. This would make a fabulous gift for anyone.

Here is the Amazon UK buy link to check it out:



REVIEW Jhua Non-Stick Carbon Steel Bakeware Set 12-Cup Muffin Tray

Jhua Non-Stick Carbon Steel Bakeware Set 12-Cup Muffin Tray/ Pan / Baking Pan Round Cake Mould Pan for DIY Candy/ Cake/ Pumpkin Pie/ Cookie/ Chocolate etc Champaign Gold
Amazon UK:
This is a fantastic, small, well made, excellent quality, easy to clean baking pan and its definitely NON STICK.

I just love this mini muffin baking tray, I can guarantee that when it says it is non stick that it is as I tried it with muffin cases in 4, greased another 4 and left 4 with nothing in and when I had baked as you can see with the video – I held my breath and the non greased 4- the muffins popped out with ease – I was glad at that as I was not going to redo the video. So this product get 10/10 from me and a big thumbs up.

This is quite heavy for the size so you know that it is a quality material – it did not distort in the oven when it got hot, the muffins all rose at the same time, the only thing that I will mention because the bases of the muffin tins are only 3.5cm wide – you will need to put it on your oven racks at an angle so that it does not fall through. The size of this tin is 25.5 cm x 19 cm so it is easy to store when not in use.

When the cakes come out they are a really cute size so if you are dieting and can not resist a treat then these are the ideal size for you and your friends.

I can say nothing negative about this as I think that it is excellent quality and definitely worth the price tag.

I have attached a video and photos for you to check it out.





This review is from: Magnetic Car Phone Holder | Infernal Innovations® | iPhone Car Mount | FREE GIFT 75MM Adhesive Disk | Dashboard Windshield Cradle | Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 S3, Note 4 3, iPhone 6 & Plus 5S 5C 4S, Nexus 6p 6 5, HTC One (Wireless Phone Accessory)

This arrives boxed and comes with 2 magnets – one with 3m sticky pad and one without, it also comes with a round sticky pad that attaches to where you need it and the main holder then sticks to that. The head swivels and rotates so that you can get it in a position that is best for your viewing.

I bought this not for using with my phone but for holding my Kindle so that I could read it at a comfortable position while sat in my car while on the school run etc. Conclusion – ITS GREAT, I place the holder on my window WITH the plastic still attached so that I can take it on and off when I am not using it. I placed one of the magnets in my kindle case so that it could magnetically hold but beware the magnet sent my kindle funny so I took it out (restarted the kindle, it was fine) and stuck one of the magnets to the back of the case with duct tape to try it out and its works BRILLIANTLY – holds it in position without moving even when touching the screen to turn the pages. It does also hold my phone in position without moving too – even over the bumps and round bends.

I showed it my husband and he now wants it for his car so that he can use it for watching films on his tablet, just so you know my husband is hard to please so him wanting it gives it a MOST DEFINITE thumbs up.

I have attached a few pictures for you to see how great it is.


The books below where FREE at time of posting.

Please check though before purchasing.



Redemption by Rye Brewer

Amazon UK:



Deceived by L A Starkey

Amazon UK:



Shifted Under Construction by C E Black

Amazon UK:



Stone Cold by Olivia Rigal

Amazon UK:



Her Dragon to Slay by Julia Mills

Amazon UK:

Review for Spigen iPhone 6 Case

This is my review for the Spigen iPhone 6 case, I have added the links below for the UK and USA Amazon sites if you would like to check it out.

iPhone 6/6S Case, Spigen ® [AIR CUSHION] iPhone 6/6S Case Bumper **NEW** [Ultra Hybrid] [Black] Clear back panel + TPU bumper for iPhone 6/6S (2015) – Black, iPhone 6/6s Cover, iPhone 6/6s Slim Case, iPhone 6/6s Thin Case (SGP11600) (Wireless Phone Accessory)



If you are after quality, looks and importantly protection then you can not go wrong with buying a Spigen product. As soon as this case was delivered I removed it from its box and took off the protective screen film from the front and back and then I placed it on the phone. I just love the clear back and black bumper sides with the metallic buttons. Even with this case on the phone it is still slim and it looks expensive because of the finish of the buttons. It also leaves all the access points open for ease of use.

I have added some pictures for you to check it out.

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